Prog Metal (clean + screaming vox)

Louisville, KY

My first encounter with Johari was Soothe and Groove (hear below), and hit me like a ton of bricks.

Heavy and technical without sacrificing groove, this track is one of the best lead-off hitters on an album that I’ve heard in a while.

Singer Connor Hill’s pipes make the clean sections somewhat¬†reminiscent of Icelandic prog/math rock lords Agent Fresco, and drummer Austin Armstrong is machine-like (seriously, just check him out killing it in the metal Legend of Zelda tribute). It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a member of the K Zildjian cult along with yours truly.

Their 2015 release Pale Blue is ridiculously good from front to back. Seriously, check out their bandcamp page (you can stream the album for free there) and throw some support and/or cash at these fellas.


Connor Hill (Bluedrake42) – Vocals & Keyboards
Kyle Meredith – Lead Guitar
Austin Armstrong – Drums
Cameron Harden – Rhythm Guitar
Aaron Branham – Bass & Additional Vocals


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This playlist is a carefully curated project that is the culmination of years of obsession. It will continue to grow as I find bands that fit the criteria. Some have become more famous since they were added, but most are practically unheard-of. Enjoy :).


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